Our Figures
What will I receive? ?

Our figures are sent as a kit, without plinths nor scenery (unless specifically stated in the product page), so you can paint and mount them the way you like. Pictures in the website are shown as a painting and mounting example, and you can take them as a guide.

What material are your figures made of? Where do you produce them??

Our figures are made of metal.

All the design, modelling and foundry processes are done in Spain.

Do you sell the figures separately??

No, we can’t. The figures in every vignette are not to be sold individually.

What are your shipping methods??

We send all the orders by registered mail, in 48 hours after receiving your payment confirmation.

How much is the shipping cost??

The shipping cost of your order depends on your location:

Shipping to Spain: 4,50 Euros

Shipping to European Union: 8 Euros

Rest of the world: 12 Euros

On top, if your order exceeds 120 Euros, shipping costs are for free – to ANY place in the world! :)

How can I pay for my order??

You can pay by PayPal or using your credit or debit card, through our secure payment gateway.

How do I know you've received my order??

Once the payment for your order is cleared, you’ll get a confirmation email from us. This email is not sent automatically, so you may have to wait some hours to receive it.

I still have a question!
You didn't solve my query!?

If you want to ask us anything, you can easily contact us in different ways:

– Through the website contact form, clicking “Contact Us” in the top menu.

– Dropping us a line at info@balaklavaminiatures.com

– Through our Facebook profile: Balaklava Miniatures