About Us

Balaklava Miniatures


We’re a new brand of scale miniatures. We strive to fill the gap in your cabinets and collections: our aim is to represent small vignettes of famous battles, mostly from Contemporary and Modern History, without forgiving the individual figures; these will be available in a near future.

We want to provide a high quality product, created with care, that fulfills expectations for historical miniature collectors as well as for wargame players.

Thanks so much for your support and visits, we hope you enjoy our vignettes and come along with us in the path we’ve just started!

The Team

El Jefe
Pedro Carreño

The Boss

Amateur modeller, military History enthusiast and declared compulsive collector (poor drawers, supporting tons of metal), Pedro is the heart behind the Balaklava Miniatures adventure. When he’s not plotting world domination plans immerse in battles and vignettes, he works in the really boring world of finance.

La Geek
Marah Villaverde

The Geek

She’s in charge of the digital art, and puts all those web small bits in its place so everything will look cute. She handles the social media too, gives her opinion even when nobody asked for it and, overall, puts out fires here and there. She earns a living as photographer and translator, is useless with a brush in her hand and still doesn’t know how did she got into this mess.

El Artista
Alberto Winterland

The Artist

Nobody explains how is he able to paint so fast, and to do it really well. We’ve decided to buy a new cabinet for him, as we suspect he doesn’t have enough space for all his prizes. He spends the day in the forest; working or chasing magical creatures with his brushes, we don’t know.